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No. Title Publish Date
31 Be Alert to Fraud! There are Criminals who Impersonate AEA to Sell Leather Clothing on the Internet 2021-12-29
32 The Chairman of a Famous Liquor Products Production Company was Taken into Custody due to Failure of Paying the Outstanding Taxes of NT$400 millions 2021-12-29
33 AEA Kaohsiung Launches “Operation COVID-19 Sanctions for Collection of Outstanding Fine” on September 16 and Seized the Vehicles under the Ownership of the PCR-Positive Spouses who Refused to Pay the Fine 2021-12-29
34 Charity of AEA Kaohsiung Made a Heartwarming Mid-Autumn Season 2021-12-29
35 The Auction of the Appliances Seized due to Offenses of Fraudulence 2021-09-07
36 Kuwaiti male immediately pays fine NT$300,000 by card at the joint operation of health, enforcement agency, and police of Taipei and Kaohsiung 2021-06-23
37 AEA Kaohsiung launches “Operation COVID-19 Sanctions” on April 20 2021-06-23
38 AEA Kaohsiung launches third “Operation COVID-19 Sanctions” on February 23 2021-06-23
39 AEA Kaohsiung Branch holds an event, “Charity Auction and Purchase for New Year Shopping” on February 2 2021-03-02
40 AEA Kaohsiung Branch started Operation Thunder against the second wave of violations of epidemic prevention regulations 2021-03-02
41 AEA Kaohsiung Branch started Operation Thunder against the obligors who refuse to pay the fine for violations of epidemic prevention regulations of “Penalty Enforcement Project against Covid-19 Regulation Violations” 2021-03-02
42 Violating home quarantine regulations and being fined NTD 1,000,000, the seafarer paid the fine and returned to work 2021-03-02
43 Jiasian Resort Hotel had been auctioned to pay its overdue tax payments at once 2021-01-13
44 The “Joint Exhibition of Paintings–Love Grows in Our New Home” held by the Kaohsiung Branch exhibited the works created by local painters to warm the hearts of the public 2021-01-13
45 You can stay home and take a tour of a foreclosed house by viewing 360-degree panoramic images. 2020-11-11
46 Communication meeting with district courts 2020-11-11
47 Communication meeting with taxation agencies 2020-11-11
48 The cross-county and city agencies of the country jointly acquired the land owned by the obligors for the first time 2020-11-11
49 The 9th More Magic Legal Experience Camp Operation Help Detective Conan 2020-11-11
50 Bidding without leaving home! The auction of the Kaohsiung Branch went under the hammer by a communication highest-bidding for the first time 2020-04-20
51 The Kaohsiung Branch successfully auctioned 2 BENZ vehicles entrusted by the prosecutor’s office and all home appliances in the joint auction! 2020-04-20
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