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News Release

  • Jiasian Resort Hotel had been auctioned to pay its overdue tax payments at once

    Jiasian Resort Hotel, which locates at Zhongxiao Rd., Jiasian District, Kaohsiung City, has been transferred to the enforcement process through the Kaohsiung Branch by the Revenue Service of Kaohsiung due to tax arrears of the house tax and land value tax since 2006.The Kaohsiung Branch has auctioned the real property since 2015, however, after many times of reduced price auctions, the real property has not been bought and the auction has failed to be completed.In 2016 and 2017, the Kaohsiung Branch had restarted the auction process twice, however, there was still no one participated in the auctions of the real property. The Branch could only issue a certificate to the transferring authority and enforce the real property again in the future.Until March 2019, the Revenue Service of Kaohsiung decided to transfer the case to the Kaohsiung Branch for enforcement and applied for another auction of the real property.Therefore, the Kaohsiung Branch asked a real estate appraiser to conduct an appraisal again, the price was NTD (same below) 12,630,942 and the basic price had been set to NTD 12,775,000 by the undertaking enforcement officer after a comprehensive evaluation of multiple reasons. The first auction process had been held on December 15, 2020.After opening of bids, a biotechnology company had concluded the auction with NTD 13,275,000 and the proceeds of the conclusion of the auction was distributed by the Kaohsiung Branch. The total amount around NTD 4,000,000, the overdue land value tax and house tax owed by Jiasian Resort Hotel from 2006, could finally be paid in full amount after many times of enforcement processes of tax arrears. The case was concluded after the enforcement.

  • The “Joint Exhibition of Paintings–Love Grows in Our New Home” held by the Kaohsiung Branch exhibited the works created by local painters to warm the hearts of the public

    The Kaohsiung Branch moved from the original buildings located at Fuxing 1st Rd., Xinxing Dist. to the new location on December 2, 2019. On its first anniversary, the Branch invited 4 painters from the local community, Dr. Yung Yu, Wu; Mrs. Li Ying, Chen; Mrs. Ai He, Tang and Dr. Pi Chou, Cheng to hold the “Joint Exhibition of Paintings–Love Grows in Our New Home” to shorten the distance between the Branch and communities.The painter Mrs. Ai He, Tang is deaf in the right ear before she devoted herself in the art and painting and created a splendid and colorful life. She and her husband Dr. Yung Yu, Wu are called the “Couples in Love” in the field of art in Kaohsiung.Mr. Tang learns painting from Mrs. Li Ying Chen who teaches at the Art Center of National Kaohsiung Normal University. Mrs. Chen’s husband, Dr. Pi Chou, Cheng, who is also a professor at Fooyin University. The Kaohsiung Branch is very honored to invite the teachers and doctors from the community to hold a joint exhibition of painting at the Branch.There are 31 paintings in this exhibition. 5 of them are the works of Mrs. Tang, paintingthe scenes of Kaohsiung Gas Explosions. On July 31 and August 1, 2014, several serious gas explosions happened at Sanduo 1st Rd. and Wuqing 3rd Rd., Lingya District, and the National Development Council thought that if a government agency moves into the district, it could drive the business opportunity in nearby areas and increase the effectiveness of the rebuilding of the areas. Therefore, on September 9, 2014, the National Development Council reviewed and passed the construction plan of the new office building located at No.2, Chengnan Street, Lingya District submitted by the Kaohsiung Branch and accelerated the schedule of moving to the new office building of the Kaohsiung Branch.The Kaohsiung Branch hopes to exercise the power of public agency and bring new energy to the communities. The Branch also hopes that the public who love paintings can find warmth and inspiration from the works of the four artists, and love grows in the new office of Kaohsiung Branch!The exhibition period of the paintings ends on March 31, 2021. AEA cordially invites everyone to appreciate the works created by the painters from the local community exhibited from the 1st floor to 4th floor of the Kaohsiung Branch.

  • You can stay home and take a tour of a foreclosed house by viewing 360-degree panoramic images.

    In order to serve the public who are interested in the auction of real properties, and allow them to fully understand the properties in close distance and without the limitation of time and space, leaving home and the outcome caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Kaohsiung Branch of AEA provides 360-degree panoramic images for the auction objects such as lands or unoccupied houses. Those who are interested may visit the auction website of the Kaohsiung Branch at any time and watch those 360-degree panoramic images of the land or the internal layout of the house online. The transparent information of the foreclosed cases allow the public to understand the real-time situation of the real properties. Only one click, eliminating the distance of foreclosure. We would like to welcome everyone to click the link to the video: Let’s learn about these convenient measures for customer service!  





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