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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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Mission of the administrative enforcement system is to realize the public power, and to nurture a law-abiding and duty-observing legal concept among the public, for achieving the goal of legal administration of the administrative authorities. The Agency established on January 1, 2001, to handle administrative enforcement incidents involving legal monetary payment obligations pursuant to the Administrative Enforcement Law and Compulsory Enforcement Law, etc. and related administrative regulations and rules. The Agency not only continues to handle the unfinished financial cases and penalty fines from the original district court (Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court and Taiwan Penghu District Court), but also entertains cases delivered from all authorities pursuant to relevant administrative regulations. Considering the huge volume of enforcement cases, sustainable development is only possible by instilling corporate business concepts to pursue performance management system that emphasizes low costs, high efficiency and high profits. While the government is facing financial difficulty recently, how to apply corporate concept of operation in order to yield the largest output and benefits with the minimum input of human and other resources has become the most important issue of the Agency. This is to ensure the function of administrative enforcement would be performed; promoting public power, making sure the fulfillment of monetary obligations in terms of national laws, improving enforcement effectiveness and increasing government’s income on the one hand; and administer legally, uphold the principles of justice and righteousness, protect the people’s rights on the other hand.

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