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AEA Kaohsiung Launches “Operation COVID-19 Sanctions for Collection of Outstanding Fine” on September 16 and Seized the Vehicles under the Ownership of the PCR-Positive Spouses who Refused to Pay the Fine

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  • Last updated:2022-01-05
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Press release from Kaohsiung Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA), Ministry of Justice

Issued on: September 16, 2021

Contact person: Chief Enforcement Officer Shu Wen Wang

Contact numbers: 07-7152158 ext. 701

 AEA Kaohsiung Launches “Operation COVID-19 Sanctions for Collection of Outstanding Fine” on September 16 and Seized the Vehicles under the Ownership of the PCR-Positive Spouses who Refused to Pay the Fine

    In order to have the general public always be aware of the pandemic and prevent any the breach of disease control due to fluke mentality, the Administration Executive Agency (AEA) of the Ministry of Justice ordered all of the branches and offices throughout Taiwan to prioritize the cases concerning epidemic prevention, and launched on August 17 of 2021 the fourth implementation of “Operation COVID-19 Sanctions for Collection of Outstanding Fine”. AEA Kaohsiung along with the other 13 branches and offices simultaneously initiated the taskforces to carry out the Operation on September 16.

    The 17 members of the taskforce of AEA Kaohsiung were divided into 5 groups to cooperate with the staff of the Department of Health of Kaohsiung City Government (the competent authority) to perform on-site enforcement at the residence of 22 obligors including the Obligor Hung in which among them:

(I) The obligors Lin and Chiang were spouses who were respectively tested to be PCR-positive for COVID-19 on May 31 and June 4 of 2021. During the period of hospitalization, the spouses did not fully expose their public footprints and intentionally dodged contact tracing by the staff of the competent authority, which resulted in the inability to clarify the potential contacts and the discovery of the source of infection in a timely manner. The work of epidemic prevention was heavily hindered and a fine of NT$300 thousands was imposed on both of the spouses, which was failed to be fully paid within the prescribed time limit, which led to the formation of enforcement of AEA in August. After AEA Kaohsiung accepted the case, it initiated the mechanism for inventory of the property owned by cases of COVID-19, seized the deposit of the spouses totaling NT$87,212, and further found that there was a vehicle manufactured in 2017 registered under the name of Ms. Chiang. The taskforce arrived at the Obligor’s residence this morning and found that the vehicle concerned was parked on the side of the road, which was immediately seized and towed to the parking premise of AEA Kaohsiung. If the Obligor fails to fully pay the fine within one month, such vehicle will be subject to foreclosure by AEA Kaohsiung.

(II) The Obligor Hsu returned to Taiwan by plane from Japan in June 2020 and failed to fully perform the home quarantine in accordance with the regulations. He went out for shopping and was fined NT$100 thousand by the competent authority. The Obligor also failed to pay the arrear of NT$21,000 for room and board at the quarantine hotel. The cases of collection of the two arrears of the Obligor were hence submitted to AEA Kaohsiung for enforcement. AEA Kaohsiung found that there was a house registered under the name of the Obligor. The taskforce went on-site today for seizing the real estate under the supervision of the competent authority and along with the measurement of land administration staff. The Obligor Hsu clearly said on the spot that he would visit AEA Kaohsiung tomorrow to apply for the payment of the fine by installment.

(III) The Obligor Chuang returned to Taiwan from Turkey in January 2021. During the home quarantine, he went out without permission for four consecutive days, and deliberately left his mobile phone at home in an attempt to evade electronic fences. The total time of his staying in the public was approximately 74 hours and was fined NT$1 million by the competent authority. AEA Kaohsiung later received the application of enforcement of the collection of the fine on April 30. An investigation by AEA Kaohsiung found that Obligor Chuang had left Taiwan more than a month prior to the application for enforcement and had no property available for sanction. Hence, AEA Kaohsiung sent an official letter to inform Obligor Chuang to present to provide the information of his possession status of properties and the settlement plan. However, Obligor Chuang failed to present after the deadline. AEA Kaohsiung therefore imposed travel ban on Obligor Chuang on May 27 of 2021. Although Obligor Chuang’s mother contacted the staff in-charge to inquire about the payment by installment, no settlement plan had ever been received by AEA Kaohsiung the branch office. The taskforce went to the site of Obligor Chuang’s residence today for enforcement, and the Obligor's grandmother was there and received the enforcement notice on the spot and indicated that the she will forward the notice to the Obligor’s mother due to the absence of Mr. Chuang.

   As some of the 22 obligors in this Operation were not found at their residences, AEA Kaohsiung has either delivered the enforcement notice to the family members on-site or put the notices in the mailbox if no one was at present. All of the obligors were requested to make the payment of fines at AEA Kaohsiung no latter than the time stated in their respective notice. AEA Kaohsiung may arrest any obligors who are regarded discretionarily by itself as being intentionally and maliciously refuse to make the payment.

    With the coming of the Mid Autumn Festival, AEA Kaohsiung urges the public to cooperate with the government’s epidemic control measures during the pandemic, always wear masks whenever going out, not to gather in crowds and enhance self-protection to protect themselves and others. AEA Kaohsiung will accelerate enforcement on those who are punished and refuse to pay the administrative fine by the deadline. Obligors with financial difficulties may apply for payment by installment to AEA Kaohsiung and should not neglect the laws and regulations.

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