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AEA Kaohsiung Branch started Operation Thunder against the obligors who refuse to pay the fine for violations of epidemic prevention regulations of “Penalty Enforcement Project against Covid-19 Regulation Violations”

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  • Last updated:2021-03-02
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Operation Thunder

Press release from Kaohsiung Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA), Ministry of Justice

Release date: January 28, 2021

Contact person: Chief Enforcement Officer Shu Wen Wang
Contact numbers: 07-7152158 ext. 701

The Covid-19 epidemic is becoming more and more severe, and many citizens living abroad have returned to Taiwan during the Lunar New Year Holidays. The number of people who are under home quarantine and home isolation has increased sharply. In order to implement the government's epidemic prevention policy and urge the public not to take a chance in violating the epidemic prevention regulations and leave their homes, Kaohsiung Branch initiated a “Penalty Enforcement Project against Covid-19 Regulation Violations” this week to enforce the fine owed by the people who refuse to pay for the penalty for violations of home isolation, home quarantine, and health self-management regulations.

On January 28, Kaohsiung Branch implemented the first Operation Thunder. The enforcement officer of the Branch worked with the transfer agency, Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government, and divided the officers into three teams to inspect the obligor's residence. After the team arrived at Nanzih District, they immediately discovered a Nissan automobile owned by the obligor Lin in a park near his home. The officers seized the automobile and towed it back to the storage area of the Kaohsiung branch.

Another obligor, who owns a soup dumpling store in Lingya District, promised the operation team that he would increase his monthly payment for the fine from NTD 3,000 to NTD 10,000 and apply to pay in installments.

On the other hand, there were two cases that the obligors were not at home. Still, their family members were completely unaware and surprised that the obligors were punished for violating the home quarantine regulations. However, both their family members were willing to pay the fine for the obligors.

The Covid-19 epidemic started to spread in Taiwan in mid-February last year. Kaohsiung branch had made preemptive preparation and contacted the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government and Department of Health, Penghu County Government to establish a cooperation platform for epidemic prevention enforcements and a property investigation mechanism for cases violating epidemic prevention regulations jointly to enhance the enforcement of the fine related to cases violating the epidemic prevention regulations. The first enforcement case was transferred to Kaohsiung Branch for enforcement last April 1, and the parties jointly stopped a Korean obligor at the airport the next day. In order to return home successfully, the obligor changed his tough attitude and finally agreed to pay the fine. In addition, Kaohsiung Branch also successfully made a seafarer He, who owed NTD 1,000,000, pay the fine after restricting him from leaving the country and the island.

After the Kaohsiung branch processed the cases of violating Covid-19 epidemic prevention regulations from last April, the total number of imposing restrictions on leaving the country is 16 cases. The total performance amount enforced had reached NTD 4,028,464, which achieved exceptional results.

Kaohsiung Branch urges the public to comply with all government regulations and processes related to epidemic prevention regulations and not hold the mindset of selfishness and negligence. All citizens shall enhance the self-protecting measures to protect the health of themselves and others.

Kaohsiung branch will actively enforce the fine resulted from not paying the overdue payments for violations without any exception. The Branch might also impose restrictions on leaving the country and island or apply arrest and custody to the court when necessary. Please comply with all relevant regulations to protect all citizens' health and enhance the epidemic prevention measures to protect our home.

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