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AEA Kaohsiung Branch holds an event, “Charity Auction and Purchase for New Year Shopping” on February 2

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The most beneficial auction with love and care!

Press release from Kaohsiung Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA), Ministry of Justice

Release date: January 28, 2021

Contact person: Chief Enforcement Officer Shu Wen Wang
Contact numbers: 07-7152158 ext. 701

The most beneficial auction with love and care!
AEA Kaohsiung Branch holds an event, “Charity Auction and Purchase for New Year Shopping” on February 2

AEA Kaohsiung Branch holds a event "Charity Auction and Purchase for New Year Shopping" from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on February 2, 2021In addition to the auction of personal properties, such as automobiles and home appliances, and real properties, the Branch also holds a sale of pastries and desserts and a charity sale of other goods. All profits made from the charity sale will be donated to charity organizations and provided care for the disadvantaged.

The Branch hopes the public to participate in the shopping actively and enjoy the event and let the public's love and care spread to the people who need to be cared for. Justice and care are the two core values of the Ministry of Justice, and they are also the goals pursued by AEA Kaohsiung Branch.

Kaohsiung Branch has always paid attention to the care of the disadvantaged. In addition to setting up a Love and Care Society to care for lonely and helpless citizens, the Branch has also enhanced the cooperation level with the Kaoping Division, National Health Insurance Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare to provide assistance to obligors who cannot pay health insurance premiums. The Branch helps the said obligors to apply for relief fund loans from the Kaoping Division, refers them to charity organizations, or processes the applications of employment events.

In order to be more active in caring for the public in need, AEA Kaohsiung Branch organizes the "Charity Auction and Purchase for New Year Shopping" right before the Lunar New Year Holidays.

In addition to automobiles, in order to fulfill the needs of house cleaning and cooking during the Lunar New Year Holidays, the Branch arranges a lot of home appliances and daily goods, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, juicers, coffee machines and induction cookers to be provided for auctions. The Branch staff also provide many goods for the sale and donate all profits from the sale to charity organizations.

There are various goods provided for sale, including many daily and life goods, such as pans, backpacks, handbags, thermos cups, clothes, hats, shoes and warm blankets. The public can even use NTD 1 to purchase many items.

Kaohsiung Branch also invites Down Syndrome Foundation to set up a stall in the event held at the office building of Kaohsiung Branch, and wish everyone participating in the event can find the items they like and enjoy more benefits!

In order to comply with the government's epidemic prevention policies, Kaohsiung Branch moves the auction to an outdoor venue and asks the public who participate in the event to wear masks, take body temperature, and maintain a social distance of 1 meter.

For more information related to the event, please visit Kaohsiung Branch’s website (https://www.ksy.moj.gov.tw)and its Facebook Fan Page.

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