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News Release

  • You can stay home and take a tour of a foreclosed house by viewing 360-degree panoramic images.

    In order to serve the public who are interested in the auction of real properties, and allow them to fully understand the properties in close distance and without the limitation of time and space, leaving home and the outcome caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Kaohsiung Branch of AEA provides 360-degree panoramic images for the auction objects such as lands or unoccupied houses. Those who are interested may visit the auction website of the Kaohsiung Branch at any time and watch those 360-degree panoramic images of the land or the internal layout of the house online. The transparent information of the foreclosed cases allow the public to understand the real-time situation of the real properties. Only one click, eliminating the distance of foreclosure. We would like to welcome everyone to click the link to the video: Let’s learn about these convenient measures for customer service!  

  • Communication meeting with district courts

    The Branch held a communication meeting with Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court and Taiwan Ciaotou District Court on October 19, 2020 to discuss the businesses related to enforcement. This meeting is focused on the exchange of opinions related to the implementation of providing the files related to the enforcement of the provisional seizure, the seizure of the property of obligor, the consultation and the delay of enforcement, etc. They also share the experiences related to individual cases and hope to come up with a unified method and reach consensus to reach the goal of ensuring both the civil claims and claims of public law.

  • Communication meeting with taxation agencies

    Kaohsiung Branch held a communication meeting for the businesses related to the taxation cases transferred for enforcement with its good partners: National Taxation Bureau of Kaohsiung, the Ministry of Finance, Penghu Office of the National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, the Ministry of Finance, Revenue Service Office, Kaohsiung City, Local Tax Bureau, Penghu County, etc. on August 21, 2020. This meeting focused on the individual discussion related to the old taxation cases, cases related to the obligors who owe a huge amount, and the cooperation cases, especially the cases that had encountered obstacles. The branches hoped to find a breakthrough in the exchange of opinions with each other and reach the common goal of smooth operations.





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