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The 9th More Magic Legal Experience Camp Operation Help Detective Conan

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  • Last updated:2020-11-11
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    In order to let the kids of grades 4 to 6 experience the duty and business of the AEA and promote the idea of Anti-corruption, the Kaohsiung Branch held two More Magic Legal Experience summer camps on August 13 and 14, 2020. The theme of the camp was “Detective Conan.” The Director of the branch, Yeh Tzu Chiang dressed up as Conan and hosted the opening ceremony of the event with the mascot Pi-Bao. The content of this course is inspiring but solid. The Civil Service Ethics Office combines the stories of historical figures into the stories against corruption.  After that, the clerk will explain the administrative enforcement to the young detectives and teach them how to protect themselves from being hurt. In the final phase, AEA lets the young detectives participate in multiple tasks and try to rescue Conan. During the process, the young detectives may experience the auction of personal properties and real properties. After successfully completing the tasks and winning the auction of Pi-Bao toys and limited products of Conan, the children are very happy.

    Kaohsiung Branch has held the More Magic Legal Experience Camp 9 times. The branch hopes that the children may learn from the lively experience during the camp and understand the business of administrative enforcement easily. The branch also hopes to establish a solid foundation of law-related education.

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