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How can I distinguish the official documents received (such as payment notices or orders of enforcement) from the forged documents?

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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  1. Easy way to distinguish: In the content of the payment notice requires the obligor, the payee must be "the name of the transfer agency or the name of the branch (public agency) of the AEA"; if the payee is a name of an individual, then the payment notice is likely the forged notice made by the fraud ring.
  2. When receiving the payment notice, you can pay a visit to the Branch (the address of the agency: No. 2, Zhengnan St., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City) or dial 104 to inquire the telephone number of the branch or 165 anti-fraud hotlines, and call the branch to check the authenticity (the branch’s number (07)7152158), if you have any doubts about the payment notice issued by the branch. The official website of the Branch may also answer relevant questions of the enforcement businesses for the public.
  3. In case you receive a payment notice forged by private collectors or fraud rings under the name of the Branch, please don't hesitate to notify the Branch to handle it.
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