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The cross-county and city agencies of the country jointly acquired the land owned by the obligors for the first time

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  • Last updated:2020-11-11
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Jianmei Construction Company, which has owed a huge amount of land value tax and house tax since 2001, has been enforced by Kaohsiung Branch. However, many lands registered under the name of the company are Land reserved for public facilities, and cannot be sold after multiple auctions. According to the current regulations, the other transfer agency, Finance and Taxation Bureau of Pingtung County Government cannot acquire real property which is not located within the administrative area of Pingtung County. Therefore, the land reserved for public facilities in Kaohsiung City cannot be auctioned for many years, and the transfer agency also cannot acquire the offset of the tax owed. The Branch has reached to Revenue Service Office, Kaohsiung City and Finance and Taxation Bureau of Pingtung County many times, and after the communication and cooperation, the two agencies finally agreed to jointly acquire the lands reserved for public facilities located in Kaohsiung City which could not be auctioned before in accordance with the proportional share of the claim. The total value of the land acquired is NTD 26,740,000.

   The Branch will continue to uphold the spirit of administration according to law and actively collect the claim of the country in the future. If there are any obstacles due to the legislation or regulation, the Branch will also actively negotiate and cooperate with the transfer agency to find a breakpoint for the restrictions and seek the greatest interest of the public.

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