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What kind of cases can be paid at convenience stores? What should be paid attention to?

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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  1. Estate tax, gift tax, individual income tax, profit-seeking enterprise income tax, business tax, excise tax, securities transaction tax, futures transaction tax, vehicle license tax for automobiles and motorcycles, house tax, land value tax, land value increment tax, stamp duty, deed tax, entertainment tax, tobacco and alcohol tax case,national health insurance premium case, labor insurance premium case, national highway ETC tolls case and environmental protection fines with the total amount owed lower than NTD 30,000, can be paid at the convenience store. While cases related to automobile fuel usage fees and derivative fines, traffic violation fines with the total amount owed under NTD 20,000, can be paid at the convenience store.
  2. For paying in the convenience store, you must bring a three-segment payment notice with the "payment barcode" printed by each branch, and pay within the "payment period" at any store of the four major domestic convenience stores: Uni-President (7-11), Familymart, Hi-Life, and OK Mart. After payment, please fax the payment notice with the collection stamp and transaction sheet to the office of the branch or use the online system for sending receipt on the homepage of the official website to mail the receipt to offset the payment. The receipt shall be kept at least 5 years in order to make inquiries and protect your rights.
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